Thursday, October 13, 2011

Happy Birthday-and a gift for each of you!

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Its my birthday today and I want to take a little bit of time to reflect on birthdays, the rituals that surround them and what they might really be about. I have a friend who simply adores her birthday and is always excited when it comes along (me too, I love birthdays!) and then I have a friend who is like, "what's the big deal? Its not like I personally did anything of merit on this day-why am I getting gifts." Having had the pleasure of giving birth and being in labor for over 36 hours earlier this year, I hear what he is saying, and yet it cannot be denied that birthdays feel important in some way.

So why do they feel important? What's the big deal about getting one year older? Other than the obvious-cake and ice cream-yum! I started thinking about this and recollected my feelings prior to Jasper's arrival. The entire time I was pregnant and especially when giving birth it was apparent to me that I was on someone else's time schedule and that another person's will (namely Jasper) was involved in this situation. I wasn't going to into labor until Jasper was ready--the kid even overcame pitocin, and I was not going to give birth until he was ready to drop (at the last possible moment). This experience led me to conclude something I had always suspected but now feel that I got to witness first hand--we choose to be here. On this earth, in this time, right now. Its a choice, incarnation, maybe its a choice influenced by law or by Divine Will, but there is still choice involved in the process.

So that is what I celebrate when I celebrate my birthday. I celebrate the joys and pain and heartbreak and ecstasy of another year on the planet, of 365 days full of sun, moon, stars, and all the big and little dramas that make up a life, specifically my life. Choosing to be flesh and blood, choosing to participate in the highs and lows of humanity takes spirit and courage in my book. I wouldn't trade it for anything. I also believe (of course I do) that we are part of a greater whole. There is more to our lives and our purpose here than we may suspect--especially at our most difficult and most delight-full times.

Its a tradition for me to do something nice for the people that rock my world on my birthday--my little way of giving back, of saying thanks for being a light in my life. All of my clients, anyone who is reading this blog, is someone who falls into that category and so my birthday gift to you is a lovely discount on the most time and spiritually intensive intuitive session that I offer-an Ancestor Reading. It feels right and appropriate to me to offer this up on my birthday-for along with choice I believe that we do carry the messages, hopes, dreams, fears, and potentials of those who have gone before us. I feel honored to stand in witness and partnership with every individual who comes to be for an Ancestor Reading-it can be a life-altering experience. So! My gift to each of you is 10% off Ancestor Readings for the month of October. These sessions never go on sale so get it while its hot! And feel free to celebrate a little bit today--its my day and I say-rock on!

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