Thursday, June 30, 2011

Introducing hand crafted herb mixes!

We are very excited to announce the first in a line of custom blended herb mixes from Milagro Roots! Snap the Whip compelling love herb mix is a blend of herbs that facilitate loving and romantic relationships but also give an edge of command and mastery to whoever is doing the spell work--so its really a love compelling mixture.

Snap the whip raw ingredientsSnap the Whip herbs and oils in their raw form

The herb blend is ground by me into a relatively fine blend that is perfect for dressing candles, using as incense or even as an all herb sachet powder.  Each blend is labeled with name, maker (mysel or Momma Hen), and the date that it has been made.  They will arrive to you in a plastic bag which can be recycled or placed in a composter because it is 100% biodegradable.  Unlike other commercially available herb mixes, Milagro Roots herb mixes are ready to work with right out of the bag, if you anoint your candle in oil the herbs will stick to them, they are perfect for dressing vigil candles, and they are already fine enough to use on charcoal bricketts for incense. And of course, each batch is prayed over by me.


Snap the whip mix #1
Snap the whip mix #2 back viewFront and back views of a pack of Snap the Whip compelling love herb mix--made today!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

New Candle Page up at SOUL

Most of you know that SOUL is the spiritual church that I and Momma Hen run.  SOUL is run exclusively on donations--every candle, deity figure, altar piece, decoration, and incense stick that goes into SOUL is donated or purchased with donated money.  But I don't like donations where you don't receive something in return!  So, if you have been wondering how you can help build SOUL then I recommend that you consider purchasing a vigil candle where 100% of the proceeds go directly to the church!  And for those of you who want something a bit different, I have just created a page dedicated to various Hindu Deities and the vigil candles we set for them and a Catholic Saints page is not far behind!


Friday, June 24, 2011

Crystal Silence League and the Power of Prayer

It is a common thing for a professional worker to tell a client "I'll pray for you."  And I often tell my clients, "I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers."  Well, have any of you ever wondered what exactly that means?  For me the answer is two-fold.  I practice daily devotionals at my personal altar every morning and part of that devotional is to remember in prayer each and every client and case that I am working at the moment as well as any individuals clients or not, who have asked me to pray for them.  This is part of my personal practice and prayer has always been an active discipline in my life ever since I was a little girl.  I have witnessed first hand what heartfelt prayer can accomplish and I am a believer!  And a common question that I get from clients through email and phone calls is "how do I pray?"  No one can tell you how to pray but for those who did not grow up in a family with some religious observance the thought of prayer may be daunting and paralyzing and you may be left feeling like you don't even know where to start.  Fortunately, there are people who have dealt with this issue before, one such individual was a man named C. Alexander and he wrote a book about this issue called The Crystal Silence League.  When I first learned about this from friend and colleague cat yrwonwode I thought it sounded like a guild of super heroes!  But the Crystal Silence League is really a group of individuals all over the world who dedicate a few moments each morning to sending love, well wishes, and blessings to their friends, neighbors, and complete strangers dwelling to the West of them, following the arc of the sun. For folks who want to give prayer a more active role in their lives or for people who have never engaged in any type of prayerful practice before and want to start doing so, I highly recommend the Crystal Silence League.  My church SOUL is an affiliate of it, and joining is very easy.  Check it out and find out what the power of prayer can do in your life! 

Friday, June 17, 2011

When good cards go bad...

Typically I wake up to an inbox full of emails with questions, work orders, and a hefty number of "oh my God, I can't believe how spot on your predictions were--you said X would happen and now it is!!!"  I don't feel the need to make exorbitant claims about my abilities or services because my testimonials say it all and then some, but these excited affirmations do give me a warm and fuzzy feeling--unless I predicted something negative and that is what's happening--that just ticks me off!  But every now and then there comes a time in a professional card reader's life when the question must be asked, "Miss Bri, what the @#&* happened?  The cards we got are not describing the situation accurately AT ALL!"  Can the cards be wrong?  Can a reader be off?Being the perfectionist, micromanaging, anal retentive gal that I am--believe me, it bothers me more than you.  And its a darn good question because we all know that even the best readers sometimes give readings that are a little less than spot on.  In my 18+years of doing this professionally, here are the top reasons why a reading may not end up describing future events:

1. Readings describe events that occur in space and time.  Space and time are fluid concepts--they are dynamic and changing.  If you believe in a locked down fate or destiny with no chance of free will then I really don't understand why you are getting a reading.  Ergo, as time changes and space changes the future can also change.  A reader is taking a snapshot of what is happening now and using that information--as well as her intuition, spiritual gifts and guides, divination system, etc, etc to tell the client what will be happening.  But if the snapshot changes dramatically then the reading may be less than accurate.  A good example of this that's true to life is the following: girl calls me to get a reading for a reconciliation case.  She is brokenhearted that her guy has left her--will they get back together?  I read the cards, the cards say--yes, they have a good shot of getting back together.  A few weeks go by without work and then the girl calls again--she has found someone new, someone she is truly in love with and they reciprocate!  Yay! Guess who she's not getting back together with, despite a positive reading?

2.) Misinformation, lack of information, or miscommunication on the part of the client.  While you should be leery of any reader who demands that you "feed" them information, you should also be leery of any reader who just starts reading you, "cold" as it were.  A reader, especially one such as myself that does a lot of diagnostic reading, is going to need some basic background information.  If you forget to tell me that the love of your life is married with children when we talk then that might really change the outcome of the cards.  If you consciously misinform me then the only thing you are wasting is your money and my time.  Typically this is not a huge problem because there are tell-tale cards that can and do show up during a reading to let me know I am dealing with one of the situations described above, but it is known to happen occasionally.  In some cases it is perfectly legitimate too--you may not know that the object of your desire has a wife in a different country--but if they do and we don't know about it, it can effect the accuracy of the reading.

3.) The cards themselves.  Each card is layered with symbols, meaning, and possible explanations.  Interpreting cards is kind of like navigating through an enchanted forest--its beautiful and compelling but there are many paths of interpretation to choose from.  The best readings in my experience are the ones where the client and reader are working together to hone an ever clearer picture of what is happening and what will happen.  Sometimes the cards are interpreted one way and it can seem very "off" when events do transpire, but if you re-examine the cards that were pulled you can often make sense of how one interpretation may seem off, but another is spot on.  In short, my answer to questions like, "were the cards just wrong?" is almost always "no."  Its not because I'm a relativist--I'm not.  I believe in right and wrong and absolutes--however in the world of cartomancy its rarely as simple as the cards being wrong.


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Candle Houses

As most of you know, I burn A LOT of vigil candles and for awhile now I have been thinking about where the best place to burn candles would be.  As we all know, burning vigil candles can be a tense experience because we don't want our homes or offices to catch on fire.  When I first started doing candle work in college I had large stock pots in my dorm rooms full of candles (smoke alarms were disabled of course).  Since then I have experienced with several different altar set ups--always wishing for something that was safe, beautiful, and most importantly dedicated solely to the practice of setting lights.  Vigil candles are incredible magical tools-I love the act of blessing, dressing, and setting each candle for each special client and condition.  Well, I learned about Austin Forge from my husband--and I cannot recommend their work highly enough!  Matt at the forge made me two beautiful candle houses (we were inspired by some of the candle houses at various Catholic churches around town) and he customized them for Milagro Roots!  I am thrilled with the results and have to show them off to all y'all!  Just as having your own dedicated space fo conjure work is an incredible experience, so is having a dedicated space for my candles--especially since more and more requests are rolling in after the founding of SOUL.

Candle House 1


Candle house 2


Ndle house 3


Andle house heart detail

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Finally--some pictures!

First up--the Archangel Michael Protection Packets that have been making the rounds:

 These are old fashioned protection packets inspired by the ones they used to make in NOLA.  Traditionally they were made for shotgun style houses and you would by them in a pack of 2--I make mine individually and put a lot of work into each one (fyi--Miss Bri HATES to sew :-).  For those who don't know the story behind my desire to craft these, check out the page I wrote on Archangel Michael.  I was inspired to make them in my 9nth month of pregnancy with Jasper and I have been making them for families ever since.

Next--some pics of the wall behind my love and romance altar:

Milagros #1

Obviously I love Milagros and I collect heart Milagros for all of my love work.  More pictures, including pictures of the Sanctuary of United Light will be forthcoming!