Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Email Readings

I have been doing a lot of email readings lately and a common question I am asked is: are email readings the same as a phone reading?  Well the answer as you might expect is a bit complicated. On the one hand a reading is a reading--the style that I have over the phone is similar to the style I have via email and the manner in which I read is the same.  Email readings are especially good when folks have quick questions that require either a pendulum or a three card draw.  They can also be useful for clients for whom English is a second language, although I confess, I have always wanted to see one of my email readings translated from the translation!  On the other hand, email is not the best venue for complicated cases that may require me to ask questions and get a good deal of information from the client.  Generally speaking email sessions for magical coaching are great but for consultations when I am deciding whether or not to take on a case, unless I have read for you via phone before, you probably want to schedule a phone reading as opposed to one via email.  

The awesome thing about email readings is that you have all of the information right there laid out for you in black and white, as well as my suggestions for spell work.  The great thing about phone readings or readings via skype is that we get to interact with each other, you can ask me questions as they occur and I can do the same--a phone reading is definitely more personable, but if you need information quickly, often email is the better way to go.  If you decide that you want an email reading with me make sure that you include the names and birth dates of any and all parties involved in your situation, some background info on what has been happening, and the questions that you have.

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