Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Deck 'Em

As always there are candle and ritual reports to write up and send out, but I wanted to take a moment to reflect on some ideas that have been stirring about in my brain.  It started several weeks ago when I started realizing that my role as a reader and ritualist for people has led me down some pretty awesome roads and that many of my long term clients have also become friends over time.  This in turn led me to reflect on the role of the professional reader and rootwork ritualist.  I was listening to last week's Hoodoo Rootwork Hour Radio Show hosted by miss cat and Dr. K and miss cat mentioned something in passing that really resonated with me.  She was talking about how the internet has changed the face of Hoodoo and of professional magic--and its true--I get to encounter and read for a number of people and I am different than workers of the past because more of my clients live outside of my town and state than those that do live around these parts--that's because of the world wide web.  However, cat also mentioned that with this broadened exposure we lose one of the primary functions of the old fashioned worker--these were people who were spiritual advisors and when they had a client who had no one else to turn to--no family, friends or churches, they knew they could go to their worker.  This is the nurturing part of our job--nowadays we may call it "client relations" but however you slice it, it has to do with how we nurture and nourish our clients.  I have a very personal relationship with each of my clients.  When I cut cards for someone I become invested in how they are going to receive the information I have to give them and what actions they will take after the reading is over.  I want each and everyone of my clients to lead the happy, fulfilled, beautiful life that he or she is meant to lead.  This goes beyond rootwork know-how--that is important--but an intimate connection between a client and her worker is as if not more important.  The intimate connection I have with each of my clients and the way that my long term clients become companions on this thrilling journey that is life is so meaningful and important to me.  I feel blessed to have such wonderful clients and I pray that each and everyone of you is blessed in turn!  

Melissa-lenormand-08044One of the cards from the Melissa Lenormand

These meandering thoughts then led me to consider the differences between my clients--just as you would consider the differences between your friends and this leads to a query that I get a lot--is there a specific type of reading or card deck that I recommend for specific clients?  My answer to this question has changed over time--at first I felt that I could read for anyone with the standard RWS and I can and have.

The Industry gold standard Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot

BUT, I have also come to feel that certain decks really do resonate with different people's energies.  I don't know if they necessarily make for a more accurate reading but the right deck can definitely make a different in how an individual hears the information that I have to impart to them.  The images, language, and associations surrounding each deck are unique and specific so it makes sense that different clients are going to have preferences.  I also find that I will have preferences for a client and want to read from a specific deck for their case.  If you have a connection to a reader or if you enjoy reading for yourself but you find that the readings are not as accurate or on point as you would wish them to be, then you may want to experience with different decks and see if you get more clarity.  Ask your reader what decks they use and if they have a deck that they might recommend especially for your case.


The Bohemian Gothic Tarot from Baba Studio

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