Monday, April 4, 2011

On Candles and Candle Reports

So here is the deal on candles and candle reports.  Right now I burn between 50 and 70 vigil candles a week.  That means that at the end of each week I have between 50 and 70 candle reports to get out to clients.  I love blessing and dressing candles for clients, I love facilitating my candle altar, but what I do not love are the many emails I receive on a weekly basis wanting to know when "my" candle report will be ready.  On my FAQ's page I clearly state that vigil candle reports may not come out for 2-3 weeks after the candle has been burned depending on my schedule and how busy I am.  What I did not state there because I thought it was obvious was that every email inquiry I get asking me about candle reports is going to slow down the typing up of the actual report that much more.  I think that the confusion around candle reports is really my own fault--I have always been very good about getting reports out immediately so all of my clients expect that, but the truth is that candle reports come out when I have a chunk of time at my disposal to type up between 50-70 reports.  Sending me emails every day asking when your candle report is going to be ready does not make it get out to you any faster and in fact slows down the process.  Patience is appreciated.  Naturally if it has been a really long time and you have not received a candle report, shoot me a quick email--I make mistakes like every one and may have overlooked yours, but starting today I am no longer responding to emails asking when my candle report will be ready--instead I will use the time that I would have spent writing responses to actually write the reports.

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  1. I think the mindset for most people is that that they are concerned about their petitions and neglect to take into account that you are only one person and have clients all over the world not to mention living your life and having "me" time and being a new mom.