Saturday, May 14, 2011

Apprentice week and updates

Well, the Lucky Mojo Apprenticeship has come and gone.  Momma Hen and I are both now graduates and apprentices and we will be able to pass on the knowledge we have learned at the hands of miss cat and the LMC staff to our own clients!  It was a touch and go thing for me this year, I was not sure I would be able to make the apprenticeship with the new baby, but we managed and he did great! It has also been a crazy, crazy past few weeks--we have moved, Milagro Roots has its own office space, and I have several new, exciting, and BIG projects that I am working on--more will be revealed in time.  I plan on talking a bit in a later post about the awesome Hoodoo Workshops sponsored by MISC, but right now I just want to tell everyone hi and let the graduates from miss cat's HRCC course know that the apprenticeship is so totally, completely, amazingly worth it!  Most of the time when folks talk about the apprenticeship we discuss the fact that is one of those incredibly rare opportunities where you get to learn from a living master the hands on approach to old fashioned conjuration.  However, it is really so much more than that.  Apprenticing with miss cat grounds you firmly in the history of our tradition.  As Hoodoo and all things conjure related become more and more popular we also see more and more people trying to claim what Conjure is or is not.  The nice thing about our tradition is that there are many primary source materials that can help separate the wheat from the chaff and the apprentices get quite familiar with these materials.  I believe that the entire process makes one a better magical worker but I also believe that it makes one more knowledgeable and therefore of greater service to clients.  I will leave you all with a few pics from the week:

Stiring up bath crystals

Momma Hen and Lil' Jessi preparing bath crystals


Sachet powders #1

Sachet powders #2

Sachet powders #3
Miss cat's awesome collection of antique sachet powders

Baby Jasper taking it all in
Baby Jasper taking it all in


  1. Jasper has the most irresistible smile I have ever seen... ❤
    Hugs for mama and the baby! :)

  2. Thanks everyone for your sweet comments--I think he's pretty cute myself!

  3. such a beautiful big smile, many hugs and kisses to mamma and baby Jasper...