Monday, May 16, 2011

Ways to Wealth Candle Ritual


Summer is upon us which means that some of my clients who are in school are currently scrambling to cover tuition costs now for next semester, and the semester after that, and the semester after that...and for those who aren't in school--well is anyone really going to turn down extra cash?  For work like this one of my favorite spells incorporates both down home Hoodoo and some help from the Hindu Goddess Lakshmi.  Some readers of this blog know that I studied Sanskrit and Eastern religions extensively several years ago and in fact attained my Masters in the subject.  Lakshmi is regarded in America as the Hindu Goddess of wealth and abundance but she is in fact so much more.  You can read an article I wrote about here here.  

What you will need for the spell:

One 7 knob candle in green or a green taper candle divided into 7 sections

a pin or nail to carve into the candle with

1 pack magnetic sand

1 bottle money drawing oil

An image of the Goddess Lakshmi

Flowers, a bowl of uncooked rice, and sweet smelling incense as offerings to Lakshmi (she loves hot pink)



Doing the work:

Before beginning the spell sit down with a pen and piece of paper and consider all of the ways that you have at your disposal to bring in money.  Lakshmi is a Goddess who manifests abundance in a number of different areas of life--she can bring you fame, wealth, success, enough food, shelter, and clothing ask for her help and guidance as you consider all of the areas that could be financially productive in your life (even if they aren't right now!)  In a perfect world you will have 7 or more areas, if you don't, don't worry.

Set up your altar to Lakshmi with her image and the offerings before her.

Take the green 7 knob candle or taper and write each area that could make you money in one of the spaces.  If you have 7 areas then you will have one per space--if you only have 3 or 4 then you will need to double up and repeat yourself, if you have more than 7 then double up and put several possibilities in the same space--the idea is that each space has at least one word in it. 

Annoint the candle with money drawing oil and sprinkle with magnetic sand

burn a section a night under the waxing moon

When the candle has finished burning dispose of the ritual remains in the appropriate manner.  The rice that has been sitting before Lakshmi has been blessed (prasad) and can now be consumed--as you eat the rice you will also eat the blessing of Lakshmi.  If you cook it with beans even better as beans are symbolic of good luck!  Save a few grains to put into a money drawing mojo hand.


  1. That's so funny. I LOVE hot pink too. I have a question for the areas should I just say school, student loans, financial aid, work?

  2. Absolutely--that is exactly the way to work it!