Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday Miscellany

Sunday is my day of rest from the computer, starting today I am not going to be on the computer on Sundays at all--no emails will be answered, no blogs or websites updated.  However, thanks to type pad's awesome system I can write posts and schedule them to appear when I want--so all my readers will get a Sunday treat!  Today's post is more a road map, series of directions, of fun places for you to explore in your web meanderings.

First we have an interesting article on the connection between Gospel music and the civil rights movement which you can read here.  We are steeped in the delights of the month of May and vis a vis one of my favorite bloggers, Terri Windling, I offer this link to Katherine Langrish's blog Seven Miles of Steel Thistles which discusses the folklore and music behind the month of May.  She also has an excellent post on the symbolism of apples--and fellow practitioners of the art can see that cunning folk are not the only ones who use apples in love related magic.  Finally for those who are enjoying the green, green, month of May, here is a site devoted to lore about the Green Man or Jack in the Green. 

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