Thursday, June 2, 2011

Finally--some pictures!

First up--the Archangel Michael Protection Packets that have been making the rounds:

 These are old fashioned protection packets inspired by the ones they used to make in NOLA.  Traditionally they were made for shotgun style houses and you would by them in a pack of 2--I make mine individually and put a lot of work into each one (fyi--Miss Bri HATES to sew :-).  For those who don't know the story behind my desire to craft these, check out the page I wrote on Archangel Michael.  I was inspired to make them in my 9nth month of pregnancy with Jasper and I have been making them for families ever since.

Next--some pics of the wall behind my love and romance altar:

Milagros #1

Obviously I love Milagros and I collect heart Milagros for all of my love work.  More pictures, including pictures of the Sanctuary of United Light will be forthcoming!

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