Thursday, June 30, 2011

Introducing hand crafted herb mixes!

We are very excited to announce the first in a line of custom blended herb mixes from Milagro Roots! Snap the Whip compelling love herb mix is a blend of herbs that facilitate loving and romantic relationships but also give an edge of command and mastery to whoever is doing the spell work--so its really a love compelling mixture.

Snap the whip raw ingredientsSnap the Whip herbs and oils in their raw form

The herb blend is ground by me into a relatively fine blend that is perfect for dressing candles, using as incense or even as an all herb sachet powder.  Each blend is labeled with name, maker (mysel or Momma Hen), and the date that it has been made.  They will arrive to you in a plastic bag which can be recycled or placed in a composter because it is 100% biodegradable.  Unlike other commercially available herb mixes, Milagro Roots herb mixes are ready to work with right out of the bag, if you anoint your candle in oil the herbs will stick to them, they are perfect for dressing vigil candles, and they are already fine enough to use on charcoal bricketts for incense. And of course, each batch is prayed over by me.


Snap the whip mix #1
Snap the whip mix #2 back viewFront and back views of a pack of Snap the Whip compelling love herb mix--made today!


  1. Miss Bri,
    with each new day you are sparkling with more and more great ideas! I do not post much on the blog, but I do constantly follow it and I am amazed by so many good news and big steps that Milagro Roots is making. "Snap the Whip" looks fantastic especially with Milagro label and your handwriting that gives a special personal touch to it!
    P.S. I wish you had one day Milagro Hearts in your store... :-)
    With love,

  2. Thanks Marija!
    I am really excited about this mix and I have several more planned that will be announced in the coming weeks!

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