Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Candle Houses

As most of you know, I burn A LOT of vigil candles and for awhile now I have been thinking about where the best place to burn candles would be.  As we all know, burning vigil candles can be a tense experience because we don't want our homes or offices to catch on fire.  When I first started doing candle work in college I had large stock pots in my dorm rooms full of candles (smoke alarms were disabled of course).  Since then I have experienced with several different altar set ups--always wishing for something that was safe, beautiful, and most importantly dedicated solely to the practice of setting lights.  Vigil candles are incredible magical tools-I love the act of blessing, dressing, and setting each candle for each special client and condition.  Well, I learned about Austin Forge from my husband--and I cannot recommend their work highly enough!  Matt at the forge made me two beautiful candle houses (we were inspired by some of the candle houses at various Catholic churches around town) and he customized them for Milagro Roots!  I am thrilled with the results and have to show them off to all y'all!  Just as having your own dedicated space fo conjure work is an incredible experience, so is having a dedicated space for my candles--especially since more and more requests are rolling in after the founding of SOUL.

Candle House 1


Candle house 2


Ndle house 3


Andle house heart detail


  1. Miss Bri, these are beautiful candle houses!! What an excellent idea and they look simply georgeous. Congratulations!

  2. They came out wonderful. I really like that they have their own home.

  3. Thanks guys--I am so happy with them!

  4. Stunning! What a wonderful idea and beautiful work!

  5. Thanks Karma!
    I do love them, they are pretty fantastic!

  6. Those houses are beautiful!
    I love the milagro on top, it's perfect!

  7. Thanks Ida! I miss you and I hope that all is well in your neck of the woods!