Friday, September 16, 2011

A Blessing Wash

Sometimes we feel low, lacking spirit and vitality, unlucky, and just generally blah. You can bathe when you are down or have a candle lit, but I also recommend going around and counting your blessings and wishing blessings on others. The law of attraction is a real thing-we do reap what we sow. That is not to say that life is always fair or that even if we are good all the time we won't experience hardship--but our attitude in dealing with both pleasure and struggle define our character and contribute in large part to our ability to either hold up under the struggle or collapse. I call the act of counting blessings and sending blessings out to others a Blessing Wash--and really, this is a great little ritual to do ANYTIME! Here is mine:

I am blessed with loving family members who are willing and delighted to watch over my child while I work--may others be blessed with trusted and good child care options.

I am blessed with work that satisfies me spiritually, intellectually and creatively--may others be blessed with work that satisfies them in all of their parts.

I am blessed with bright faith, strong hope, and deep love--may others be blessed with ideas to believe in, dreams to hope for, and many people to love deeply.

I am blessed with abundant income that allows me to support myself and my family--may others be blessed and always have more than enough of the good stuff in life, may those in need be blessed with succor.

I am blessed with clients that I truly care for, whose stories move my heart, and whose lives I am invested in--may others be blessed with at least one person who, though maybe having never met you face to face, care for you deeply nonetheless.

I am blessed with a beautiful child and a wonderful partner--may others be blessed in their family and home lives-with loving partners and miraculous children.

I am blessed with a strong body that can walk, run, swim, hike, laugh, and sing--may others be blessed with health and vitality.

I am blessed with a chronic illness that keeps me real and humble--may others be blessed with a challenge that turns into a blessing.

I am blessed with a great mom and sister. May others be blessed with family that loves and supports them.

I am blessed with wise mentors. May others find guides to walk with them on their paths.

I am blessed with friends who love me no matter what. Period. May others be blessed with unconditional friendship.

I am blessed with fears and insecurities that inspire me to reach deeper into myself, to love myself more fiercely, to serve with a passionately open heart--may others be blessed to find that their fears may be their greatest allies.

And today we in San Antonio are blessed with RAIN! May others be blessed with nourishment that enriches their land, their spirit, their work, and their lives.

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