Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Love Letters to Me :-)

Calling all clients who love me! Chances are you have already sent me a super sweet email (or 20!) telling me how I rocked your world and for that I thank you--I love waking up to warm+fuzzies in my inbox. Howeva--my ace web designer and I are going to be revamping the website and I am going to have categorized testimonials--that's right-I have so many that they need their own categories! So…if you would love to help a gal out send me your testimonial via email LABELED with one of the following categories so that I can file it easily--cause ya know I have a full plate and a baby! Yes! You can say nice things about me for more than one category! No! I will not use your full name unless you give me written permission to do so! I will use your initials and location-it will look like this: BH-San Antonio, Texas OR BH, Texas. Yes! If you want to leave me your full name and website I will link to it from mine! OK--are you excited? Start your engines and here are the categories:

vigil candles and custom vigil candles
custom ritual work
mojo hands
archangel michael packets
intuitive counseling (used to be "readings")
magical coaching
ancestor reading
Just pick your cat-copy+paste it right into the email subject heading line and let the love flow!
Vroom, vroom! Start your wordsmith engines and THANK YOU!!! in advance.

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