Monday, August 15, 2011

Fields of Gold Herb mix for abundance-wealth-prosperity

Hi everyone--I was up late Saturday night/early Sunday morning as the full moon was at its brightest and shiniest concocting this delicious herbal blend for abundance, wealth, and prosperity!  Each biodegradable bag contains a piece of iron pyrite and a custom blend of over 13 herbs and roots that came out of my private stash.  I only had enough to make 6 5  4 bags of this fantastic blend so its a limited edition kind of thing.  As with all of my herb blends Fields of Gold can be used to dress candles, fill mojo hands, doll babies, honey jars, bottle spells, burned as an incense or even combined with epsom and kosher salts for a spiritual bath!  The bled includes five finger grass, cinnamon, blue flag root, alfalfa, grains of paradise, alkanet, sassafras and much, much more!  You can purchase a bag for yourself here.

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