Monday, August 8, 2011

Personalized High John the Conqueror Roots Just In!

If you have not worked with High John the Conqueror before and you are into roots, herbs, and magical talismans then you are totally missing out.  This lil guy is the root to end all roots according to some folks.  I love High John and I love placing them in mojo hands, on altars and around candles.  The root is purported to bring good luck, strength, mastery, skill, prosperity and acumen to its wearer--with all that good stuff its amazing that everyone isn't carrying them around.  Somehow the idea has gotten around the High John is only for me--that is just not true--women, including moi, work with High John and experience great success and fortune when doing so.  And there are a bunch of places where you can score generic High John root for a relatively inexpensive price.  However, sometimes your work needs a little more punch or maybe you are working on a project that has a very specific goal.  In those cases you may want a spiritually clued in worker to do some customizing for you--anointing a root in your name, perhaps over your picture, maybe with a petition, covering it with prayer and good fortune vibes.  If you find yourself nodding and wanting such a root NOW then I recommend you head over to my Etsy listing where you can order yourself a fantastic and personalized HJC root today!  Please note that the ritual I perform to personalize these roots is 7 days--so your special root won't ship out immediately.

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