Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mercury in Retrograde and What you CAN do

Hey crew!
So as you all probably know by now, Mercury, that pesky, lovable little planet is all backwards for the next couple of weeks (16 days from today to be exact).  In previous posts I have talked about all of the things that you should NOT do during this time but today I am going to give you all some ideas about what you can do.  Here is what I am doing during this retrograde cycle:

  • Revamping my website--scheduling and working with a fabulous web designer to redo the site so that its more user friendly and clear
  • Going over by business--considering what components of my work are flourishing and what aspects are taking time/energy that I don't really have
  • Scheduling appointments with professionals who can support me in my work--like writers, accountants, book keepers
I think of Mercury in Retrograde as closet cleaning time.  Its an awesome time to assess what is going on in one (or more!) areas of your life, get rid of the stuff that no longer works and begin to lay plans to fully integrate the things you love.  Get clear, get organized, get detailed and get rid of time wasters and energy suckers--yay for Mercury in Retrograde!  Not sure how to start--a consultation with me can help you figure it out!

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