Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Virgo!

OK--I know that its not every virgo's bday today but it is the birthday of my best girl friend today and the Sun did enter the sign of the Lady of the Harvest early this AM so I think we are on topic.  As my Virgo clients will testify--I love these earthy, do-gooder, organizer, systematizer, and yes, a lil bit dreamy, signs!  Virgos are rock solid when you need them to be, shyly imaginative when you least expect it, and always willing to shoulder more than their fair share of the burden.  They are associated with grain and all cereal crops--the harvest of which is celebrated at the beginning of August with festival of Llamas.  But just because cereal is their province they are not flaky (sorry, I couldn't help it).  In fact, if I had to come up with one work to describe Virgo when he/she is working with all systems go it would be: acumen.  They have great business, money, and style acumen.  They always are put together even when they feel out of sorts, they excel at pretty much anything they put their intensely bright minds too and most of the time they stay pretty humble in spite of all of these talents, in short, they rock.  Fortunately for those of us who are a bit scatter brained or indecisive--that's right Libra, I'm looking' at you--we can all harness the power of Virgo to bring order into chaos, revise, plan, and strategize.  This is a good sign and a good energy to work with if you need to improve business, financial or communication endeavors as Virgo's ruling planet is Mercury.  So, if our recent (and almost finished) Mercury in retrograde got you all riled up about organizing your closet/car/life then the Sun could not have picked a better time to enter into the sign that won't just help you put everything where it needs to go but will actually IMPROVE your overall life as you do so.  All hail Virgo!

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